About us

Aren’t childhood memories a wonderful thing? Looking back, I find that my favorite memories from growing up in Australia were the times I spent in the kitchen cooking alongside my mother and grandmother. Our friends and neighbors would smell the aroma and practically invade our house to get a sample of the tasty home cooking. I miss those days.

After Terry and I moved to America, where we raised our two kids, I began to miss the wonderful flavors of home. Not finding anything quite like it, I naturally turned to the recipes that I’ve carried with me since I was young. For years now, I’ve been recreating these unique recipes for my family and for many of my American friends. Recreating the kitchen of my childhood and sharing my cuisine with everyone here has been so much fun that I decided to share it with you too. That’s how My Australian Kitchen got started.


I’m passionate about sharing the unique food culture of Australia, starting with the small everyday things that will give your food an Australian accent!

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